This department has been playing an important role for the betterment of its students. The B.Com degree course was started in the year 1982 – 1983, the focus was to devise the students to provide quality and value based commerce oriented knowledge. There is always a hectic demand for B.Com in our college. This has called for opening of additional sections over the years. Department of Commerce always strives hard to prepares the students to take-up challenging endeavors in today’s business competitive world.

   A strive was also made to gear up students want of taking up teaching pedagogy as their career. It was for this reason the M.Com degree course was started in the year 1993 – 1995. With M.Phil. & Ph.D Degree qualifications becoming mandatory for college teachers, these research programs have also come to be set out by the department in the year 2004 – 2005. The department has till date produced 16 Ph.Ds.

   The department further assures that all the academicians possess the qualifications that are prescribed by the University Grants Commission and bring up to date themselves from time to time by experiencing orientation and refresher courses. The department has a MoU with Voltech Engineers Private Ltd., Chennai.


To offer quality Higher Education to the younger generations, especially from rural India, who are economically and socially backward, to liberate themselves from prejudice, oppression and ignorance and to gain knowledge for their bright future.

To be a department of academic excellence with total commitment to quality education in Commerce for better life, environment and society.

It is also kept in mind to enriching students to equip themselves better in terms of general knowledge, acquiring communication skills and leadership qualities.

To train the students to meet the challenges of contemporary business environment.


   The B.Com course offered by the department focuses on all commerce fields without concentrating on any specific subject. Our mission is that the students should have exposure to Accounting, Law, Management, Marketing and Banking. We ensure that no key subject is left out. It is for this reason that the students show first choice for the B.Com course over other disciplines.

To train the students with required levels of competence for employment in both domestic and global market.


To impart holistic education using state of the art technology and to give a global perspective through value based education for social transformation.


To train them with required skills for self-employment.


To prepare students for higher education in Commerce, Humanities and Business Studies.


To inculcate the use of Information Technology in the teaching learning process.



   Goals of commerce department being the leading college in the commerce stream in the locality by absorbing global development in education and adopting the latest technology by equipping student to face the realities of life and giving practical accounting knowledge.

To develop innovative & creative thinking among the students.


To develop socially-responsible graduates with extensive progressive education and cultivate them for entrepreneurial and employment excellence.


Commerce course prepares the student to take up ambitious efforts in the current competent global scenario.


To enable every student to cope up with the latest developments in contemporary



   Commerce is considered as one of the most popular career options in India. Commerce education is the backbone of the business and serial development of the nation. This education stresses on developing the people and making effective use of available resources.

Challenges in Commerce education

   The current condition of commerce education is such that it lacks employability skills and does not enable students to face complexities of business. If somebody will ask me a question, “Does commerce education offer good employability skills and talent?” The answer will be a straight ‘No’. When I say ‘No’, what are the reasons for saying no? The most important reason being lack of communication skills, lack of analytical skills, lack of confidence, lack of ability or capacity to work for long hours, lack of dynamism etc. The result is that either the students are not employable or they are employed but with below standard salary packages. In order to break away from such situations, commerce students resort to an MBA, MMS or PGDM programme.

To overcome these challenges:

1. High priority should be given on developing a proper board for drafting the syllabus.

2. Making regular changes as per the need of the industry and global markets.

3. Making English the compulsory medium of instruction after standard XII.

4. Case studies for developing analytical and presentation skills.

5. Encouragement to apply for practical training through internship programmes.

6. Exposure to real industrial problems and solutions.

7. Exposure to successful corporate strategies and reasons for failures.

8. Exposure and analysis of successful global strategies.



Some students prefers higher studies such as M.Com., M.B.A and MSW or they may go for joining law related courses.


Some students prefer family business and some may choose either new sole trading concern or partnership concerns with their own knowledge and funds else they go for borrowed funds for their capital.

Job Opportunities

   Commerce graduates have a vast career options. If students want to make a career in the field of Commerce, there are ample career opportunities available for the students. Depending on the course selected by candidates they can pursue different job profiles.

Herein some popular job profiles as per the course:

Graduates: After completing UG level course under Commerce, the candidates can find various jobs at junior level in accounting, commerce, banking and finance and related fields such as Junior accountant, HR Manager, Business Executive, Accounts Executive, Operations Management, Data Analyst, Research and Development Manager, Information Systems Manager, Project Manager, etc.

Post Graduates: After completing PG level courses under Commerce, the candidates can seek employment in the Banking, financial services and insurance (BFSI) sector, opt for teaching or go for research. There are various job options for PG degree holders of Commerce in private, public as well as government sectors. Nationalized banks, Railways, Income Tax and other such government departments are good options who aim for a secure and prosperous career. The candidates can get the job of Senior Accountant, Cashier/Teller, Bank Manager, Marketing Manager, Investment Banker, Wealth Manager, etc.

M.Sc., Physics
  • Mr. M. SIVAKUMAR, M.Sc., M.Phil., SET., 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Area of Specialisation: Statistical Mechanics, Classical Mechanics
  • Email:

  • Dr. S. HARIKRISHANAN, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., SET., 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Area of Specialisation: Spectroscopy, Electronics
  • Email:

  • Mr. K. SELVAM, M.Sc., M.Phil., SET., 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Area of Specialisation: Quantum Mechanics, Nano Science
  • Email:

  • Dr. G. VENKATESAN, M.Sc., M.Ed., M.Phil., Ph.D., 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Area of Specialisation: Mathamatical Physics, Material Science,Thinflims,Nano Science
  • Email:

  • Dr. R. SOLAICHAMY, M.Sc., M.Phil., Ph.D., 
  • Assistant Professor
  • Area of Specialisation: Nuclear And Particle Physics, Material Science,Thinflims,Nano Science
  • Email:

Provide an environment which will help all faculty to achieve their professional goals.

To impart quality Mathematics education in order to improve the employability of the students.

To develop a thrust for higher education and research.

To train students to share their expertise in the community.

By arranging special Lectures drawn from the different field of experts.

Provide an environment which will help all faculty to achieve their professional goals.

To impart quality Mathematics education in order to improve the employability of the students.

To develop a thrust for higher education and research.

To train students to share their expertise in the community.

By arranging special Lectures drawn from the different field of experts.

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